Autolite is having Machine Building Division to manufacture SPM’s for upgradation of manufacturing technology to meet the international standards of world class products.

Technology developed is applied in machines like Plasma Surface Treatment for improvement of substrate adhesion on the reflector surface of plastic lamps.

Process automation work using PLC is done to have low cost automation for improving productivity of Halogen Lamps and Headlamps.

Energy saving machines like IR heating technology is developed for treatment of glass lens for automotive head lamps.

Development of LED Lamp manufacturing & testing machines are done to get world class automotive LED Lamps.

Some of the machines made by Machine Building Division are:

1- 32 Head Rotary exhaust machine for H3/H7 Quartz Halogen Lamps.

2- 16 Head Rotary Automatic Stem machine for H7 Halogen Lamps.

3- 16 Head Rotary Mount making Machine for H4 Halogen Lamps.

4- Automatic Bucket Conveyer Phosphating machine for sheet metal reflectors.

5- Automatic Bucket Conveyer ultrasonic surface cleaning machine for sheet metal reflectors.

6- Automatic Bucket Conveyer water base ultrasonic surface cleaning machine for plastic lamps.

7- Hot Melt / PUR adhesive applicator for robotic application.

8- LED assembly bench for automotive LED lamps.

9- LED lamp testing conveyor for quality control.

10- Fire Plasma Surface treatment machine for BMC reflector.

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